Some basic instructions for succesfull training below


1. Take you clothes etc. with you to gym from the locker room

2. Training starts as informed. No 15 min earlier or later!!

3. You are able to use suitable shoes. No black marks to the floor!

4. 5 mins before own training time you are able to move inside to gym

5. Usage of nargotics or alcohol is not allowed in Alfa center!

6. Usage of doping is not our club philosophy

7. During traiing lessons you must listen coach instructions very carefully to avoid injuries and misunderstandings.

8. Person who is not willing to follow club rules or instructions of coach will be immediately removed from the gym or from the club!

9. Everything you breake with purpose inside the gym, you'll pay by your self. 

10. All comments etc.  concerning club operations should be sent to our email address.