Price list

10 times30€
6 months125€
12 months195€

First time free of charge!

Those training in sparring team, may alternatively pay an annual payment of 80€.

Please note, you also must purchase a wristband for entering the Sports Centre Alfa (see club wristband page).

We accept Smartum vouchers, Smartum Saldo and Eazybreak.

Pricelist of training goods can be found on the member's page.

Payment instructions:

All training time or goods must be paid to our club account!  Info below. After payment, bring your receipt with you to our gym to receive training time or goods, thank you!

Account number: Nordea; FI4522061800006534

Reference numbers:
Basic course: 1067
Kickboxing, sparring group: 1986
Kickboxing, training group: 1520
Training accessories: 2448