Kickboxing, sparring group

Sparring team usually trains with full contact, hence it's recommended to have some background of kickboxing or other fighting sports. However, it's often enough to have a good attitude and a sporty background. Training mainly consists of sparring and sparring with various themes, not forgetting technique and cardio workouts. Additionally, we have number of supportive training items at our gym, for instance kettelbells, cardio balls, pads and sacks. These provides an excellent opportunity to develop your skills and cardio. Experiencec couches will also provide support for other matters, like diet and rest.

Those who are interested in competing, will receive a training program based on starting level and objectives, main target beeing ascending development. Program is followed and fixed if necessary. However, sparring team is open even without any competing targets. Some of those trained in cardio group, will join sparring team after few years of training. Training in sparring team will require all training stuff. Welcome!