Cardio kickboxing, training group

Cardio kickboxing is a form of kickboxing, which aims to develop shape, strength and skills. Training is similar to normal kickboxing, but without any contact or sparring. Hence, no matter what age or background, this form or training suits to everyone. Training is often supported by pads, sack or kettlebells.

Training consists of hand and leg techiques, combinations of those and all kind of cardio workouts. No matter what is your bacground, you can push yourself to the limits. Additionally, demanding combinations will delevop your coordination.

At first, you'll only need some sporty clothing. We've plenty of gloves which can be borrowed. However, later on it's recommended to get your own training stuff, which can be bought from us.

Page Price List is showing prices for all items and training cards. You'll find our bank account from the same page. After payment is done, bring the receipt to the gym. Also note, firts time is free of charge.

Our training is based on non-stop princible, hence you can start training any time you wish. Just see the training schedule, and join us. Subject of each training can be found from our webpage.