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Turku Contact Karate club "TKKS", founded in 1987 is a renowned kickboxing club. Club’s operations consists of kickboxing and fitness kickboxing.

TKKS's kickboxers have won a number of major championship medals, and many of them are still actively involved in the club operation. Kickboxing training in our club is a goal-oriented, and it provides an opportunity to achieve also a competition career. Our responsible coaches are trained by Finnish Kickboxing Federation and all of them have a competition background in kickboxing.

We are training all styles, LC = Light contact, FC = Full Contact, KB = Low Kick and K1.

Cardio Kickboxing is our club's second training style. In cardio kickboxing each exerciser is practising according to his/her own capacity and usually training partner is a one of our gym’s training equipment.

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